Sunday, 23 September 2012

All abilities playground: our new FAVE park!

My Mum has been urging me to visit Timbrell Park - Livvi's Place for sometime now. We went on Saturday and really had a super duper bodacious time. It's a playground with kit that kids of all abilities can enjoy.

There is fantastic equipment to play on - it is SO well designed throughout - and it was so busy with enjoyment. The pics don't show how packed it was - I tried not to include kids in my pics. The park is in Five Dock / Rodd Point: it has an automated merry-go-round which a wheelchair can ride on and also has seats (which I sat on with J); there is a bird nest swing; wide ramps with baubles in the ground which when stamped on 'ding'. There are three levels of climbing nets - nets on the floors for babes, a net pyramid which rotates for toddlers, and a tall tower for older kids. J and I had a ride on one of the three bull-riders (I've not seen these before) - where you sit behind a younger babe and hold them while you rock back and forth. The murals are wonderful - textured - and there is braille beneath the texts. It's definitely worth a visit - even if you have to drive and it's the destination in itself.

A happily exhausting time we had - so much so, O had a three hour sleep that afternoon - for a dude who stopped having day sleeps at 2 years (and is now 2years 8months).

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