Sunday, 28 August 2011

School Fetes

I've not been to a school fete in years, today we went to the annual Drummoyne Public School Fete and had a ball!

This fete was quite an extravaganza, I am sure there must be a range of fetes - on the fete spectrum - from the more low key to the all singing all dancing affairs - this fete was the latter! We were greeted by jumping castles, whirling tea cup rides and the most ginormous slide - and that was before we were even inside the school gates.

It was lots of fun, I bought O some great second books and a few toys, Dad got to sample good fete BBQ food, and I also bought gorgeous handmade gift cards. However, it was the spirit (which I enjoyed the most) of the event, buoyant, happy, laughter filled - as kids raced around deciding whether to visit the ice- your-own-cupcake stall or have their arm set in plaster of Paris.

Keep your eyes peeled, read your local papers to find out when your local schools fete is on, and GO! It's fun and it's fund raising for a great cause.

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  1. I Love your blog! You've inspired me to become more aware of what's going on in our little London suburb & I've discovered some gems that would have otherwise passed me by! I'm looking forward to attending a proper British fete this Sunday organised by the local scout group.
    Thanks Marrickville Mum! X