Saturday, 27 August 2011

Neighbours & Nee-Nah's

We set off this morning to buy cream of tartare to make playdough and stumbled upon a neighbours garage sale two houses up. What lovely neighbours they are - with two daughters. They were selling the girl's toys and books, cup cakes they had made, bric-a-brac. By the time we left 20 minutes later; we had had a chat with our neighbours, had a keyboard for the little man, kids books, music bells, a garden tool, and lovely kimono belt for me! Wouldn't it be great to have your whole street do a garage sale on the same day - it's on my to do list to organise for next year!

On we journeyed to the shops...

Now, I have tried reading the little man books about fairies and the like, however it's the books about aeroplanes, helicopters, trains, back-hoe loaders, bulldozers, garbage trucks, tanker trucks and NEE-NAHS that resonate the most!

With this in mind when ever we pass the Marrickville Fire Station (and we pass it to go almost anywhere as we live so close to it!) we have to stop and see if the fire engine is in and today the doors were open too! So we popped in for the second time and were greeted by such a friendly fire fighter (aren't they always just the kindest down to earth friendly folk!). We had a tour of the fire engine, were shown where all the hose pipes are at the back, where the first aid supplies are at the side, jumped in the cabin saw the jackets and helmets all ready for action, and had a demo of all the flashing lights! My fire engine fact of the day: a fire engine only holds 2,000 litres of water, this is enough to get things started when they arrive at a fire scene, and the firefighters then look for nearby fire hydrants to plug the heavy duty hoses into!

We'll save the play dough making and playing for another day!

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