Sunday, 6 May 2012

New day. New park.

Today we discovered Hoskins Park. Credit to my husband, who is still enjoying Playground Finder. If my husband had of lived in the 1500's I am sure he'd have set sail to discover lands afar. Instead as an intrepid traveller of today - he has taken us on journeys to Mongolia, the Sahara, across to Iceland and along the Sichuan Tibetan Highway and today Hoskins Park, Dulwich Hill.

Hoskins Park is idyllic. It has large established trees (good shade), a green expanse surrounds the play gear (pictured), a little hill (I love parks that are not completely flat & a slide built into the side of that hill too), and a quaint and quiet charm that I can't quite define. The photo here does Hoskins no justice - and there is more cool play gear than shown. A great park for a birthday party I thought - then just as we were leaving, a Dad started doing just that - a party set up! Oh and I think (only think, check it out yourself to make sure) there are toilets too, in a far corner that I did not venture to!

I started thinking - what are my top three parks in Marrickville and why. So here goes, in order of favouritism!

1. Jarvie Park - it's a short walk from home (and we go past the Marrickville Road Firestation), we can pop into Kelby's Cafe for something before or after the park if we are hungry or thirsty, the playground gear has good shade cloth coverage and the playground kit has a good mix, the playground is set within a more expansive grassy park and O loves to have a walk through the grass and collect as many sticks as possible, watch people playing basket ball... "it's the vibe of the thing!"

2. Ness Park - the closest to home, it's really nothing special, no shade and I doubt we'd go there if it weren't so convenient... I did a Council Survey a while back and requested some shade cloth! The park does share a boundary with a Greek Church and sometimes beautiful singing can be heard whilst you are going down the slide!

3. Steele Park - on the Cooks River it's beautifully situated with a gorgeous breeze to offer on a hot and sticky day, the playground equipment is fab and the water play park - just the best ever! Only thing is we drive to get there... We have walked before and the walk there is fine, it's just the return home journey when we are all a bit tired and going up that hill in a two pram is a bit too much!

Other good parks we play at: Johnsons Park (Dulwich Hill), McNeilly Park, Marrickville Park.

What are your faves and why?


  1. All time favourite: Sydney Park (Sydney Park Rd, St Peters)

    It's huge, there's a big playground, children's bicycle track complete with traffic lights and road signs, lots of walking paths, fabulous cafe, lakes to feed ducks.

    Here's my top 3 fenced parks in the inner west:

    1) Tillman Park (Unwins Bridge Rd, Tempe)
    This is the inner west's best kept secret. Lovely playground suitable for under 5s. Huge grassy area for running or kicking the ball. Lovely coffee at Rosa's across the road. Magic Yellow Bus here on Tuesday mornings.

    2) Wangal Nura Park (Flood St, Leichhardt)
    Another little secret park for locals. Good play equipment suitable for littlies. Small looped scooter/bike track, a small area of flat grass for kicking the ball. Quite close to Marketplace Leichhardt.

    3) Summer Hill Park (Cnr Smith St & Carlton Cr, Summer Hill - behind Franklins)
    This park is a little ugly (think correctional centre grey) but it's strangely appealing to children and we have spent a ridiculous amount of time here over the past few years. Nice community of parents that are regulars.

    We're also big fans of Steele Park in the summer and Johnson & Mc Neilly Parks!

  2. Yes, Sydney Park is a good egg too! I had forgotten about it... O and Dad have had some good adventures there (

    I love the 'fenced in factor' of your top 3 parks - that's important for us too these days, esp. during the week when I am solo with two kids. And wow! We've not known about nor tried any of these parks yet - but will do soon:) Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. I love Tillman Park, for all the reasons roarsweetly listed. We also frequent Jarvie, because it is our best easy walking distance park. And Steele Park is lovely, we were there this morning and it was so peaceful in the crisp Autumn air. (Sorry no new ones listed.)

    Otherwise we spend a lot of time at Enmore Park. I have to check out all the other ones you have discovered. (:

  4. ooh, tillman park - we look forward to meeting you soon. thank you.

  5. We also love the park in Summer Hill. My husband always takes my daughter (3.5 years) to what we call Leichhardt Park up the other end of Norton Street. It's particularly good in the summer the children can get wet from the water pump, but there is a great huge swing-cum-hammock thing my daughter loves and a few other interesting pieces of play equipment.


  6. ooh cool eliza, we always drive past that norton st park and are yet to give it a whirl, will do! thanks for the tip.