Sunday, 27 May 2012

Centennial Park: cafe + play gear = harmony

Today we caught up with friends and had (hubby's birthday) lunch at the Centennial Parklands Dining cafe (CPD). Glorious weather, gorgeous friends and there were smiles all round. CPD has a casual kiosk outside, a cafe (with indoor and outdoor seats) and a posh restaurant. We had a table in the cafe where mains are $20-$25 and the kids meals $15. So the prices are a bit more than your standard cafe fares.

What sells this eating experience is the great kids play area right next to it. You literrally leave the cafe and roll down the grassy hill to the kids gear. We had our lunch and then headed to the playground with huge sand pit, there are shade sails too. The kids had a great time playing and us elders had a good chat. Ooh, and we saw horses, as you do at Centennial Park, an added bonus for O!

So if you have kids like our O, who does not sit still for too long when you are dining out - then this might be a good option for you.

Now I have that 'been in the sun' sleepy feeling as I type, and must 'to bed'!


  1. This is a great park that has lots of activities during school holidays. Since baby no.2 arrived, their naps have never really aligned for a trip over that way. Hopefully by summer the baby sleeping gods will be looking kindly upon us so that we can visit again.

  2. hey roarsweetly, yes centennial park does have a good programme of stuff for the kids to get stuck into in the great outdoors. we've not been to anything yet either - but i agree as the younger babe gets a bit older, it might be possibility to venture over this way during the week for fun stuff to do! i think they do good school holiday stuff too..