Monday, 3 September 2012

A retreat. A fete. A (new) park.

I've not been doing many new crafty things with the boys of late. Since J started crawling, standing and now cruising at 8 months - the boys have started to play with each other and I've taken the opportunity to make our long awaited (parents) retreat in one half of the garage. Here is a pic of the wall above the couch, in progress. I'm doing a wall of our pics that don't work in the house.

I bought the blue bird cushion (above) from the Drummoyne Public School Fete. We had a fun quick one hour at the fete this year, as the kids were tired. D and O went to check out the rides, while J and I looked at the clothing hall where we bought some good gear. I also bought several handmade cards (the same stall was there last year) to use throughout the year - such great little cards they are too!

We also found Beaman Park recently. It's not a destination to seek out for the playground gear alone, but if you are around these parts and need a park stop then give it go. It's on the Cook's River.

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