Friday, 14 September 2012


Today we did some trainspotting and diggerspotting. At Marrickville Station you can look across at a building site, that used to accomodate the Marrickville RSL (where we went to gigs in our Uni days). The diggers have cleared the site quite fast - on Monday there two large diggers - today it's razed to the ground with a couple smaller diggers mopping up the last bits. We stood on the City outbound platform - as this way you don't encounter stairs with a double pram.

On the way home we walked down Arthur Street and had a close encounter with a mini excavator. It was not in use, but good for an intimate look. Not sure how long it will be there, but if you have earth moving vehicle obsessed kids and you have a moment, include it on your walking route.


  1. Oscar is OBSESSED with diggers. Will have to walk past, hopefully they are still around next week.

    1. ooh, i am sure it will be there. i actually saw this digger enroute to the city the week before when O was not with me. it's great to get up so close!

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