Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Corner Cubbyhouse

I have not yet taken O to a paid indoor soft play kidz zone and today we had a full on introduction of the best kind! We were celebrating a friends birthday and their party was at Corner Cubbyhouse in Five Dock.

Firstly the parking is super easy - underground, lots of car spots on offer, and a lift transports you up to Corner Cubbyhouse!

Once inside there are a couple of key soft play areas; an under 2's area all gentile and calming when compared to the 3 to 12 year olds maze extravaganza - which is where O spent most of his time. There is also a jumping castle and a funnel tunnel tower (as I call it). So, the big kids maze has various entry and exit points, a small slide a mega slide and all manner of obstacles to climb on and over and through. O is only 2 years and a few months so I journeyed with him through the big maze - as well meaning kids of 10 years can be bit overly boisterous and accidental in their bumping of a toddler.

There is also a cafe with ample table and chairs for parents and adults. I saw signs for toilets and changing facilities - but there was no time for such ablutions when there was so much fun on offer.

It was school holidays and yet Corner Cubbyhouse did not feel too cramped and busy. It has natural light streaming in and is carpeted throughout and has a good all round happy vibe.

O had an absolute ball, got totally over wrought with excitement and expended a bundle of energy. I was equally knackered, but unlike O who could sleep in the car on the way home - I was the designated driver!

I will definitely return to Corner Cubbyhouse - next time I'll take Dad and he and O can play in the mega maze and wee J and I can chill in the under the two zone.

Check out the Corner Cubbyhouse for entry prices and full details.


  1. I've just discovered your blog through a story in the Inner West Courier. What a's beautifully presented and lovely to read! I live in the inner west with a son who is 2 years & 8 months and a daughter who is 8 months. I regularly utilise the great resources that are in and around Marrickville. I have a very active son and have been to Corner Cubbyhouse on many a rainy day, but have never been game enough to go in the school holidays!

    1. hey... thanks for your kind comment. i just checked out your blog and it's fab and delicious! i am going to make your healthy sausage rolls... and yeh it seems we are having similar fun times in marrickville & surrounds - your bunting, kidspace at the museum and more! i'll def keep checking in to see the great stuff you guys are getting up to:) have a great week and keep on rockin' the 'ville:)