Thursday, 4 October 2012

"I want to make a castle, TODAY!"

We made a castle today. O led the cut 'n paste. He wanted to make a castle, he rustled around and came to me with two tissue boxes asking for masking tape and scissors (the two ingredients which make everything possible!)

He also wanted to make it outside, which we did. I suggested a turret, the request came that it house a bell. The bell (pink ball) we enabled with string to be lowered or raised. The drawbridge could also be raised/lowered with string (it was already a bit broken through play by the time his picture above was taken).

My cousin gave O these little dudes as part of a set, a pressie from the UK, when she visited last year. The Beefeater was perfect for today's castle and the bell ringing grandpa too. The castle was super quick to make, as you can see, but I delighted in the fact that O is now so keenly coming to me with ideas of things he wants to make... He played with the castle in the yard, in the shade, in the 30degree hot day and he had lots of fun.

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