Friday, 16 November 2012

Digest: doing, did, done.

Been a bit slack on the blog front of late, so thought a quick round up of what we've been up to may be the best way to go about things.
Woolies Ramp: customer feedback rocks!
I recently noticed that a suggestion I made last year to the Manager of Woolworths on Illawarra Road Marrickville - has happened! If you know the Woolies, you know the ramp you walk down with your trolley to get to the underneath carpark - there was a big enough step in the concrete, which made me have to lift the trolley when preggers with O and my shopping in the trolley - it was all very heavy work at 35 weeks! A strip of yellow checker plate has smoothed over the concrete bump! Wonderful.

Photo Books made by Grandma
My Mum has made a few photo books for O in the past and the latest is possibly the greatest. On Mum's recent trip to Melbourne she documented all the earth moving vehicles she encountered as well as a few motorbikes for good measure, about 20 photos. Mum popped the pics in a cheap little album from BigW and then narrates a story while showing them to O. Very cool and wonderfully personal and unique.

Carrot Cake Muffins
We've been making carrot cake muffins lately, a modification on what should be a carrot cake! I think this recipe does taste better as a carrot cake in cake format - O likes 'muffin serves' and it makes it easier for me: "you can have one muffin" rather than debating the size of the slice of cake... somehow there is easier closure with the muffin format!

Federal Park - a find!
We went to our friend's sons birthday party a couple of weeks ago at Federal Park in Annandale. It was a lovely kids party. The kids play park is fenced and set within the larger Federal Park which is a dog park - so there are lots of dogs about. I did not know about this pocket of parkland. It's a great kids play park with some cool play kit - this digger with levers to play with which O loved, a slide which rolls you down on a conveyor of tubes, a rustic fort like structure. Parking can be tricky, so check out the link above and you'll see where to aim for a car spot.

Ian Thorpe Pool - great kids waterplay 
We've been going swimming a lot lately, it's been a long while since we were in the pool and O needs to reacquaint with swimming and water. J is coming up to eleven months this week and loves the water, and has had a good time splashing about too. We've been going to the Ian Thorpe Pool for it's great kids waterplay area - it's got depth and is large enough for the number of people.

Our first (scary) Panto!
In the school holidays we took the kids to their first Panto at the Canterbury Hurlstone Park  RSL Club. It did not turn out as anticipated! O was all very excited beforehand and looking forward to going and then when the lion came out on stage it was all over for us! He really did not like the lion and so we watched by the door, and then through the glass panels in the door, and then we eventually left. The initial spectacle of the lights, smoke and singing captivated him.

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