Sunday, 11 September 2011

Sydney Park: urban bushwalking, bike rides, ducks and hills!

Dad and O took a boy's trip to Sydney Park in St Peters this morning. What I write here, is short and sweet, as it's all that was shared with me from their adventures this morning. It seems what happens on boys adventures, stays on boys adventures! I do know - that they returned home very happy boys.

O took his push along trike, though he was too young to go it alone on the track pictured - there is a great bike track for kids - he rode it elsewhere in the park. They saw ducks, ran down grassy hills (and stacked it), and it seems the most fun was had stomping through the bushy undergrowth. It was an urban bush walk, where O was picking up sticks and bark - I've seen video documentation of this - crunching leaves under foot, roaming free and happy...

Oh, and there is a cafe in Sydney Park too - friends of ours had their little one's birthday at the cafe tables last year.

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