Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Revisit the unfinished...

Oh rainy day, rainy rain - we know we need you, but you have been a frequent visitor of late. It's not that we don't appreciate you... it's just that, well it's just that I have a two year old with bundles of endless energy a-go-go....

So today - let's finish or continue on with the unfinished alphabet wall we started some time ago. Sometimes I think I can get a bit too busy with 'the new' and I want to teach our kids the value of: revisit, finish, amend, adapt and improve upon...

A while back - we used some brown packaging paper as backing (quite a thickish paper) and stuck onto it this paper wall alphabet from an Early Learning Centre (ELC) shop. The alphabet was a bit torn, it was in the reduced bin and was only a few dollars... What we started doing each day was to find a picture from the old Nat Geo's (from Reverse Garbage) to illustrate our letter of the day. We kinda stopped at 'L' though and it's time we do from M to Z.

'M': Moon, Mars, men, monkey... lets go!


  1. This is so impressive. I love the interactive nature of this wall display. I can see how a toddler would really get into using scissors and glue to add images next to the letters of the alphabet. Makes learning fun...I know what I'm doing tomorrow!

  2. Love the idea. Will have to try it shortly with my 20 month old.

    ps I discovered your blog after reading the inner west courier.

  3. I love this idea! May do it next time when bub is old enough. Thanks for sharing it. - Sandra (met at Sara's baby shower)