Friday, 25 May 2012

Letterbox! A letterbox.



We made a letterbox this week! We've been hanging out a bit at home trying to mend our coughs, croup, sniffly noses and all the jazz that comes with a family cold. 

So, with all this hangin' at home it's been a time of role play. Scenario 1: I get to lie (I enjoy the horizontal rest time while I do) in O's bed, as the patient with a cold and O's the doctor who feeds me medicine and checks my heartbeat (his idea not mine). Scenario 2: O works in his study (at his little desk) and 'writes' letters, which he posts by sticking them in between books on his bookshelf. Scenario 3: O 'writes' a shopping list and then goes to his shop to buy me the groceries I need (if only shopping could so conveniently happen in my very kitchen!)... I picked up a little cash register at a thrift store which is placed inside O's shop cupboards. The list of scenario's go on... 

Anyway. So we were somehow inspired, through this role play, to make a letterbox. Things kinda went astray when we painted it. The paint did not adhere to well to the sticky tape and then we tried to enhance it a bit further with some silver contact we had.

What I like most about the letter box is we use it both outside and inside.


  1. What a fabulous letterbox! I have been thinking about letterboxes lately as my son is getting much more interested in role play and games that mirror real life activities. I think a trip to Reverse Garbage is in order this week.

  2. cool. i'd love to see the letterbox you make. i wish you could post pix in these 'comment' bits... you could make a truly fab letterbox from reverse garbage gear!