Thursday, 13 September 2012

Adora and The Rug Expert

My visit to Adora's and The Rug Expert has been months in the waiting. On Tuesday I finally got around to taking a walk with J while he napped in the pram. It was a gorgeous spring day and I popped into Athena's en route to grab a spinach and fetta scroll (highly recommend) for lunch and some of our fave almond and honey biscuits (for after dinner treat). It took about twenty minutes to walk to Adora's (from home).

Adora's is the handmade choccie shop just over the Cook's River from Steel Park; and opposite it at the roundabout is The Rug Expert a shop selling mainly Turkish rugs and kilims and a few Nepalese pieces too. I love a good rug shop. We bought a great Boujad rug from Morrocco when we spent a few weeks there in 2009, and since then we have loved looking at rugs. Ours is wool pile, geometric in pattern and vibrant in colour - it's not very refined technically as far as rugs go, but it's a happy rug, it's about fifty years old, a large rug, a rug we now spend time with on our lounge room floor. The Rug Expert also has patchwork rugs made up of many squares all sewn together. I'd like another rug to go under our dining table, and cover the copious number of tiles we have throughout our house. It takes a while to find the right rug. It's like buying art I guess. The man at the rug shop was very helpful and told me of a scheme they have where you can take the rug you want to buy home - to see how it feels - what a great idea!

After looking at the rugs, I popped over to Adora's for a takeaway milk hot chocolate, which they serve with a complimentary choccie (and I bought another for Mum who had come along for the walk). The hot choc was not too sweet, it could have been a bit more velvety for my liking though and the almond truffle was yum! Then we took J, who was now awake, for a play Steel Park.


  1. The rug experts are brilliant at cleaning rugs too. I have my lounge room wool rug in with them at the moment actually. They pick up from your house and take the rug away to clean using their machines. They have an agitator to get rid of dirt from deep in the pile, and a big bath to soak the entire rug. Comes up a treat! You'd think I work for them from that wrap but I'm just a happy customer :)

  2. that's great to know, thanks michelle. i spoke to the guy there about repairing our rug - as part of one of the ends is fraying. we've also never washed it... probably should. going to put this on my spring cleaning to do list:)