Sunday, 9 September 2012

Child's Own Studio

We did not make it to Bondi to see the Festival of the Winds today and all the kites in their soaring glory. Next year. I did find something equally exciting which has made me smile endlessly today. Lots of folks may know about this site already, but I stumbled across it for the first time today.

Childs Own Studio: making custom soft toys with children. A fantastic idea, kids send in drawings and this woman turns the drawings of creatures into soft toy creations. I love it for so many reasons, harnessing the sublime creativity of kids' imaginations and turning it into reality. Can you imagine the joy of opening the mail one day and seeing the dude you drew come to life! Happiness.

I am not sure O's drawings are figurative enough to contemplate a soft toy transformation just yet. We are still in the fusion oeuvre of stickers and abstract expressionism.

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