Saturday, 28 April 2012

A pom-pom called Athena

Our pom-pom is making slow progress. This is where we are up to. It's not easy getting a toddler to concentrate on threading wool through a cardboard doughnut repeatedly. I find it quite relaxing.

Today we bought winter shoes for O, as wearing sandals with socks in the rain is not so good for wee toes! Then we popped to Athena's Cake Shop (412 Illawarra Road Marrickville - opposite Woolies) for a few treats, as we had friends coming around to play in the afternoon. This is not strictly what I write about - where folks can get yummy treats - but I thought if you've not yet discovered Athena's you should definitely pop in there at least once. If not to buy and eat cake, you can still admire this temple of sugary delight with black and white tiled floors and immaculate displays.

My husband and I are kinda smitten with these almond biscuits (I don't even know their proper name!) and as the plate suggests - we are always tempted to buy and try more treats each time we go!


  1. I love that your blog showcases some of the inner west's best kept secret. My favourite place for sweet treats is Sweet Belem on New Canterbury Road, Petersham. They are to die for.

  2. Oh yes I love Sweet Belem also. I am keen to try Athena's, too.

  3. ooh, we've not yet discovered sweet belem - i think a trip for treats will be in order this weekend:) thank you for the sweet-treat-tip-off!