Thursday, 26 July 2012

Paper Pom-Pom*

I had a request to find out how to make the paper pom-poms in the window display of the ribbon wholesaler, Pan Pacific Distributing. I called up Pan Pacific and the welcoming lady I had met there told me she had learned how to make them from a Martha Stewart video. The video is on YouTube, but I found the step by step guide more useful.

We had friends over today and winged it a bit in the making of these tissue paper pom-poms. I bought a few packets of tissue paper from the local newsagency. So the pom-poms you see pictured are flat on the back (they are each half a pom-pom) as we made them with only 5 sheets of tissue paper (not the 8 sheets required), however the paper dimensions are pretty much the same as Martha's.

You just concertina the paper, cut the ends rounded, tie in the middle with string/wool and then tease out the sheets - to create the volume of the pom-pom. The success of your pom-pom depends on the teasing out of the sheets. It's delicate work for the little ones to tease the paper out sheet by sheet, but if bits get ripped along the way it doesn't matter. We decided the pom-pom's make great party decorations, I am already thinking I'll do pom-pom party decor for J's first birthday this year (instead of balloons). In the meantime, the little ones 7 months and 4 months, liked the temporary pom-pom mobile I suspended above them.

* We've indefinitely abandoned our half made wool pom-pom.


  1. Love these, they look great and easy to make! Will defo be making some in the future.

  2. yeh, they are so quick and easy to make - they are bold and have an immediate impact, usually of smiles:) i want to try and make some smaller ones too.