Sunday, 29 July 2012

Ferrys and fish 'n chips

It was a glorious Saturday yesterday and we made an early start for our ferry adventure. O had not been on a ferry - we've talked about it about, Grandma and Grandpa live on a ferry route and when a Play School episode last week featured a ferry ride - well, it was high time we hit the (harbour) high seas!

We did it the easy (er, lazy!) way - we drove to Circular Quay and parked at the Sydney Opera House. It's a flat rate of $15 a day on Saturday and Sunday. We caught the 10.40am ferry to Watson Bay stopping at a few stops along the way. O and Dad had great fun on the ferry - out the back, out the front, wind swept, 'waves', sailing boats passing by. Once at Watsons Bay, O had a great play along the beach, we had fish and chips for lunch and then caught the 12.49pm ferry back to Circular Quay. Flocks of people were arriving on incoming ferrys by the time we were leaving, and we were home by 2pm.

I had wanted to walk up the hill to The Gap, to look out across the sea - but I thought best not to push it and make the little folks over tired. Next time though. Another next time will have to be - go on Family Funday Sunday, for great public transport savings.

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