Thursday, 31 May 2012

Gong Xi Fa Cai Play School

We had friends over today for a craft play date. Inspired by a Play School episode, O and I watched the other day, where a dragon puppet was made. It's the Chinese Year of the Dragon, and whilst we went to some Chinese New Year celebrations months ago at Burwood Park - I've been wanting to do some dragon-based-craft to celebrate this fiery sign!

So, "I have an idea", in the words of O - his favourite phrase of the moment! We traced the mask we were given at the Chinese New Year celebrations onto cardboard and cut them out for the kidlets. And then pretty much followed the Play School dragon... concertinaed some colourful paper for the body, cut out a tail, ripped some more colourful paper to make tail streamers and then used the straws to animate the puppet. We made the addition of cutting out the eyes of the dragon - it became the dragon-puppet-mask!

"Raaarrrrr"... we don't have any dragons in our house. We have two rabbits, an ox and a tiger!

Note: A friend then txt'd me tonight that there is a Play School Concert on at Marrickville Town Hall on Saturday 14th July.

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  1. They make the best things on Playschool ... always so inspiring. I love these dragons, will have to make some with my son. Thanks for the tip about the play school concert.