Sunday, 22 April 2012

Kaldor Public Art Projects

I've been wanting to check out Thomas Demand's installation, The Dailies, in the Commercial Travellers' Association (CTA) and I left it to the last day today - to do so!

So the CTA is accommodation for it's members within the Harry Siedler designed building, a building whose location and context has always intrigued me. You know the building - it's the modernist mushroom in Martin Place. So we popped up to level 4 and were able to look in 15 of the 16 rooms on the floor, all single rooms, which had been occupied by Demand's work. Photos on the walls, a story to read, smell and sound. Of all the exhibitions O has been to, this was the first exhibition that O (now 2 years and 3 months) interacted with, articulated thoughts and questions about. Wonderful. O enjoyed racing from room to room and discovering what he could find.

I realised today that the way I engage with exhibitions has changed - pram parked in the hallway too large to fit into the space economic rooms, baby J asleep in the pram, I darted into the rooms - I was not able to read the unfolding story - I saw the photos, absorbed the smell and sound... it was O who collected the guide for me (I completely missed it). Yet we all enjoyed it.

Note: I am not a fan of blogging on events/exhibitions/things to do - on their last day, as then folks reading can't attend/enjoy for themselves. So apologies for doing it here - I hope it won't happen again. It's part of my blogging manifesto.

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