Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Winter and wool and pom-pom's to be!

Woo-hoo! I found a ball of wool in the Salvo's at Marrickville Road strip shops today. Yesterday I popped into one discount store, one thrift store and two fabric shops on Marrickville and Illawarra Roads and was unable to source that which we need to make pom-poms - a ball of wool please!

Today at the Salvo's I also bought a winter wooly hat for each of the boys, $2 a beanie - there were quite a few cute and warm winter hats for little ones.

I chatted to a friendly shop owner who runs one of the fabric stores on Marrickville Road and she was telling me that there used to be a wool shop on the Marrickville Road strip - but it had closed down. Turns out - fabric stores don't sell wool. They are purists, which is fine and I can understand. I've been known to be a purist about some of my passions too. It's just that I thought a fabric store might sell a few balls of wool and basic knitting needs. Anyhooo... the shop owner is thinking of starting to sell just that - basic knitting needs - as she agreed that she has loads of folk looking for wool!

So more on the pom-pom, once we've made it...


  1. Those hats are a great find! Is the pom-pom to go on top of the beanie or is it for another project? I love inner west op shops, but don't get to that particular salvos very often due to Marrickville Rd parking.

  2. Have you tried parking at the Garner Ave car park? I've only recently discovered this free parking. It's just off Marrickville Rd & then you'd be able to walk up to the Salvos. I was only able to pop into the Salvos as my two year old was at childcare & I had wee bub in ergo on me. Prams & op shops don't mix too well. I have loved an op shop peruse for as long as I can remember - tho a little logistically
    challenging these days!
    On the subject of - pom-pom. Yes, the knitted hat is for O and I thought we could add pom-pom to it:)

  3. Thanks for the parking tip, I had no idea it existed!