Saturday, 3 March 2012

Shaker, shaker!

A friend in London emailed me a pic of the cooker (stove) she has made, inspired by O's stove... Which made me realise how slack I've been with this blog! My excuse of a newborn - who is three months this week - no longer gives me any real excuses...

I am pulling out all O's baby toys for J and came across these shakers I made; and since friends have started having their second bubs - I thought it relevant to post on toys for baby bubs again. Anyway - these shakers were inspired by the Gymbaroo class I used to take O to as wee babe. O loved the Gymbaroo shakers.

The making of the shakers really does not require any explanation - only to say, the sparkles are from KMart (a few dollars for a whole big bag), the baby pasta filled shaker (was what O was eating at the time) and just super glue on the lid!

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