Sunday, 4 December 2011

Bunting is up and it's all a-go-go!

We put the bunting up for the new bub today. This time I got my fabrics from a couple of places - the plain green from one of the many fabric shops at Marrickville Road shops and the orange foliage print from IKEA. Yes, I do like the IKEA fabrics... they have that scando feel, are often quite nature orientated, are a good thick 100% cotton weight and some of the prints are just gorgeous!

However, I have to confess to (and am very thankful for) my mother in law making the bunting for me this time. I was unable to squeeze in the sewing time as my usual routine of sewing late at night when everyone is in bed - just did not work with my pregnancy tiredness!

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  1. Another easy way to make bunting is by printing out a template from online. That what I did for our baby shower. I love bunting!! Just bought a couple that were on sale at Typo.