Sunday, 13 November 2011

Jing - A - Ling - Ling

It's been way too long between posts due to everyone having colds, my computer dying, preparing for the arrival of "baby brother", general tiredness and the generic busy-ness of life! I have a few retrospective posts that I will get around to making one day...

This week I was determined to make Chrissy cards. My Mum was over and so I put O and Mum to the task... I had previously bought plain white cards from KMart ($5 for pack of 50) - you can make your own, but for that price and time saving benefits - it seemed a no brainer to me!

I was going to make a potato stamp - but opened the cupboards and it was a bit like Old Mother Hubbard's (no potatoes)! So grabbed a dishwashing sponge instead and cut out a star. I kept the stamp shape simple, limited the paint to one colour and it seriously took me five minutes to throw this activity together.

O loved star stamping! I did thinking of getting the brown wrapping paper out and having O make some Chrissy wrapping too... The possibilities are endless - you can make a selection of stamps, add lots of different colour paint - for us it was a quick and simple craft day:)

We've since embellished the cards (pictured) with a few more star stickers!

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