Tuesday, 2 August 2011

"Cook, cook, cook on your stove."

Our boy's play area and much of his time is spent in the kitchen, and as a result he loves to play 'cooking'. A while ago I bought a whole lot of cheap kitchen utensils (not play ones, real ones) from Tokutokya - a 100 Yen shop in the Bondi Junction mall. On the weekend I finally made a start on the stove I've been wanting to make.

I found Huggies boxes to be the perfect size - face them in opposite directions and tape together. Once you've got the basic structure, you can decorate to your fancy! Even draw on some cooking spills:)


  1. This is a brilliant idea Vicky. G loves pretend cooking too. We got him some wooden veggies but the idea Of making a stove is ace. Brilliant. And as luck would have it we have huggies boxes to spare! Lx

  2. Hi Vicky
    I am so glad Kate shared your blog with me. Your oven is very cool! Your blog is a great idea too. I grew up in the inner west - Five Dock, Haberfield, Abbotsford, Ashfield, Homebush, Greenacre, Burwood being some of the suburbs I grew up in (we moved alot!) and I think other mums in the area will appreciate all your ideas. You're good for sewing the bunting - my idea of sewing is stapling a hem or using sticky tape! Now that my son Oscar is 20 months old we are starting to get into some real fun though. My plans for the next 2 weeks are home made play dough, food colouring ice cubes for the bath and wooden spoon painted puppets!
    I look forward to reading more. Thanks kate for the intro!

  3. You're welcome Simone. Vicky is an incredible woman, just as you are! Enjoy, I'll be watching the blog closely too, and Paul as well I guess.

  4. kate, thank for you sharing simone's blog...

    simone, fab stove and kitchen sink! you have inspired me to make an add-on for our stove! only the other day our little man wanted to put the washing up gloves on and do the dishes! if he keeps up with this soon he'll be cooking us meals & washing up:)

    yeh, the inner west is great for kids, we are having lots of fun!

    i've not made playdough yet - but it's on my list too... and love your bath ice cube idea too!

    happy playtimes.