Monday, 25 July 2011

I'm getting started, finally!

Finally, I am getting started! I have been talking to my husband about starting this blog since January this year. The time is ripe, I am ripe (19 weeks ripe!). It's a blog now or never!

So, it's a blog about what we get up to with our son, 18 months old, in and around our home in Marrickville. The idea originated last year when we bought a home in Marrickville. I was not part of a local mothers group, as my mothers group was based in a different part of Sydney, where we had been living. So began the exploration of our new 'hood with child.

What we get up to may give you some ideas of activities to try with your little people. I'd like to know what you get up around the 'ville, or even further afield (and all important ideas to keep the little people busy).

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