Sunday, 13 March 2011

B is for Bunting

I started this bunting with great gusto - but it took a while to complete. I got fabric and an entire reel of red ribbon for less than $20 from Jack's Textiles on Illawarra Road - which is still having it's closing down sale!

I wanted to do the entire room with continuous bunting. From memory I bought 2 metres of each fabric, I bought three different fabrics and it was cheap cotton poplin only $1.80 per metre. To get started - choose the shape of the flag you want and cut them all out. I just zig zagged the edges - see picture 2. Turn over top to create 'tunnel' to thread the ribbon through.

It's really simple to make, it's just that I tired quickly at having to sew up so many flags to cover the distance I had. Once done, it's worthwhile, the bunting has a lot more impact and prominence when it stretches around the entire room. I used those little hooks that come with the removable tapes to secure the ribbon (so that it will not damage the paintwork when I remove them).

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