Thursday, 18 August 2011

Babies Proms: Sydney Opera House

It's the Sydney Opera House's Babies Proms 30th birthday this year! Today we went to our second baby prom performance: The Music Book.

I love the set up - the babies proms we have been to have been held in the Utzon Room at SOH, a room I had not attended a performance in prior to these. It's an intimate little space, and I love that they do not over book the gigs and do not pack the kids in. The parents can sit on chairs in a u-shape around the outer edge and the kids on a big carpet in the centre.

So The Music Book, visited a few books and were told by a fantastically animated woman and accompanied with songs and music from a mini orchestra! The music and live instruments enchanted O the most, a first time to see violins and cellos and a flutist and a didgeridoo. By the fourth book it was becoming a bit of a stretch for O to maintain concentration and follow the narrative, the bulk of the audience was well over two years and had better focus.

The other babies proms we went to back in February this year was I Want To Be A Mermaid. This captivated O for the entire duration (only 35-40mins), the songs and harmonies of the women's voices was spectacular (even for an adult audience) and O danced his way through most of the performance.

There are still a few different shows to come in the season - so if it sounds like your 'thang' do go along!

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