Monday, 15 August 2011

Freecycle: I've got this, you need that.

I first came across Freecycle when we lived in London UK. Freecyle is community of folks that give away goods for free that they no longer need. It was great as a new arrival to London, we got our vacuum cleaner, coffee table and a food processor from Freecycle; and when we left London town we put them back out to the Freecycle community, along with other stuff of ours.

Back in Sydney and now with child, we've joined Freecycle again and have been given all manner of useful things - change table, train table and safety gate. Last weekend we answered a post for a play dough table and were also given these great bits (pictured) by the same folks.

If you are not super fussy about getting the latest and the greatest; and are happy to give things a really good clean when you get them - it's a great way of 'borrowing' bits that you need, and then when you are done you can put them back out into the Freecycle community.

Join your local Freecyle community!

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