Saturday, 4 August 2012

Lots of Lego & White Rabbit Gallery

We always leave our visits to White Rabbit Gallery exhibitions to the last minute, today we went to see Down The Rabbit Hole (which ends tomorrow). I find the shows here consistently good and we always find new works which we love. White Rabbit Gallery showcases contemporary Chinese art, is privately owned and receives no public funding and entry is free. The gallery is easy to get to (in Chippendale) and it's a good size for the kids (not too big): 3 floors, all accessible by a lift. O loves exploring the art... This work of the pristine garbage truck's rear protruding from the wall was O's absolute fave today! We spoke about it at length, viewed it from above in the lift...scrutinised it's every detail, we did.

After the gallery we popped over to Sydney University to see the Lego Colosseum in the Nicholson Museum. We learnt that the Nicholson Museum has the largest collection of antiquities in the Southern Hemisphere, wow! Entry is also free. The Lego Colosseum was cool, but somehow I had visions that it was going to be larger. O loved it though; there was life outside the arena (stalls, people milling about) and then the amphitheatre... I had to soften some of my stories - some Lego bears and crocodiles were suggestive of gruesome colosseum goings on. Then we spent some time letting O run about Sydney University and its grounds.

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  1. My boy would LOVE that garbage truck. Crazy love. Pity we'll miss it. Shall have to check out the colosseum instead.