Friday, 23 September 2011

The Wiggles Exhibition

We were lucky enough to go along to the kids preview launch of The Wiggles exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum today. What an extravaganza!! The exhibition itself was loads of fun... more on that in a bit...

We were spoilt with the likes of Captain Feathersword and Dorothy the Dinosaur being around to have our pic snapped with and then The Wiggles performed several songs... VW is the exhibitions automotive sponsor and have decked out a red convertible for the show that was parked in the museum foyer, that we were able to jump in as well!

Then it was into the exhibition - firstly, I should preface this all with the fact that O is a mega Wiggles fan... my Mum gave him his first few Wiggles DVD's and he's never looked back! It really seems to resonate with him and strike a happy chord.

The exhibition is highly interactive, as you would expect any successful exhibition for this age group to be. I was led around by O, who explored the different themes in this order: making fruit salad, steering Captain Featherswords ship, fixing the big red car, Dorothy the Dinosaurs teahouse... there were other interactive music screen based works and loads of other stuff too - but we did not get around to everything.

If you are fans of the Wiggles, you'll love this exhibition... if you are not - well, I can't say, we are biased... The exhibition is free with entry to the Powerhouse Museum.

The exhibition is on for a year - we'll be going back (a few times, I would guess!)

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